With the hottest days of the summer just reaching our local area, many anglers might want to stay inside. However, just like us, fish want to stay “indoors” around cover and keep cool during these warm fronts. This makes it really easy to catch these fish, if you know what to look for. As most of the population is located in small areas. Just make sure to keep hydrated between catches.

Our Recent Reports:

Catfish are very good right now, with most of our reports coming from LaSalle Lake, Braidwood Lake, The Illinois River in Morris at the William G. Stratton State Park, and the Kankakee River Backwaters.

The most consistent bait of choice is still Frozen Skipjack Herring. Make sure you use a bait runner/bait feeder spinning reel for the best drag and lightest live line function. Your catfish size and numbers will increase when fishing these river systems with that style of reel. The fish feel less tension and will take the bait better.


Salmon have been caught in Racine and Waukegan the last few weeks. The winds are looking right for the Kings to push in soon. We will keep you posted as they progress in, however it will light up any day from what we have heard.

Use a UV Light along with Moonshine Glow Casting Spoons to start catching the early fish. The best colors so far have been, Mongolian Beef, Night Crawler, Dancing Anchovy, Crab Face, Agent Orange, Flounder Pounder, and Blue Jackall. Make sure to use a snap swivel so that you prevent line twist.


Largemouth Bass are consistently being caught in our local lakes and rivers. As always, the subdivision ponds are also producing some great fish during the summer heat.

Braidwood Lake, Mallard Lake, Maple Lake, Sag Quarries, Papoose Lake, Mazonia Strip Pits, and Wolf Lake are productive predominantly for Largemouth Bass from our recent customer reports. Definitely try hopping around all of your local ponds too. Use a satellite map to find and fish a bunch of them.

Medium Roach Minnows, Top Water Frogs, Swim Jigs, Punch Rigs, and Wacky Rigs are all great choices for baits.


  • Catching Largemouth Bass in local lakes as well as subdivision ponds is simple this time of year. You can of course use Medium Roach/Shiner Minnows and see consistent action year round. There are even better ways though.
  • These Bass live in the grassy areas of the lakes, and it may be difficult to get to them with the wrong tackle, but there are ways. Using a heavy power rod, along with braided line, you can saw through the grass and bring those fish out of the cover.
  • As for the lures, try topwater frogs in the early hours of the morning. The fish are cruising along the banks and eating the easy meals. They don’t need to camouflage in the grass during the low light, so take advantage of that easy morning bite for those thrilling topwater strikes.
  • When the Bass move into the heavy grass in the middle of the day, use a punch rig to get in there. Make sure to take your time and work every inch of good looking matted vegetation, as Bass hide everywhere from six inches of water at your feet, all the way to the grass lines.

If you need additional information on these techniques, feel free to stop by our store, where one of our team members can show you how to set them up one on one.